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The World’s Fair Fund unites the people power of the World Expo Movement with campaigns to reach our planet’s Global Goals for Sustainable Development, often called the SDGs. We build upon legacies of past international expositions by partnering with planned and proposed Expos, through public-private partnerships, and through people-to-people campaigns. 

This is the Time > SDGs X EXPOs

As we travel our planet and connect with leaders from other countries and cultures we are continually reminded about how many smart people are focused on a good and healthy outcome for our collective "people" and planet.

No matter what language, political, cultural or religious belief system they espouse, almost without exception they are focused on how we can all support our populations to get from today into a safe and secure version of the future.

We all know there are many challenges and conflicts in our world today. We also know there are solutions available now and that are "in the works" by the greatest hearts and minds of our time.

Here at the World's Fair Bid Committee Educational Fund we are focused on collecting and convening people, programs, organizations, and geographies who are focused on the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals- the SDGs. We are also World Expo Movement advocates convening the people, organizations and institutions designing the next age of World Expos.

If our efforts align with yours, we invite you to connect and collaborate, ALL are WELCOME!

HERE IN 2023

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About the
World's Fair Bid Committee Educational Fund


The World's Fair Fund is a long-running supporter and collaborative contributor in the U.S. participation in the world expo movement.


In the beginning of our work, from 2012 to 2017 our primary focus was o the U.S. government, working to convince them to re-join the Bureau des International Expositions (BIE), the global expo governing body.

With unanimous consent from Congress and strong support from both President Obama and President Trump, this phase of our work was completed.


In 2017 our work shifted to advancing Minnesota's proposal to host an expo under the theme "Healthy People, Healthy Planet." This Specialised Expo would advance global participation and awareness for the Sustainable Development Goals related to health and wellbeing (SDG3).


Until mid 2023, we were active contributors to the official Minnesota USA 2027 Bid Committee in collaboration with civic leaders and the United States government.

Currently we are convening and forwarding a bid to host the first International Horticulture Exposition in the USA in Minnesota in 2029.

In September at the International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH) 75th Annual Congress we will Express our Bid Interest in Expo 2029. Following a collection of official bid process activities we will present our Official Bid in Doha, Qatar in March 2024.

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2023 Events



Beginning at the World Economic Forum (WEF), the World's Fair Fund will launch its SDG Impact Program with the introduction of our Flickplay AR (artificial reality) World.

During 2023 we will be LIVE at the following global events >


World Economic Forum (WEF)- Davos, Switzerland

Learning Planet Festival - Paris, France


International Women's Day - Online #EmbraceEquity

EXPO 2027 Symposium - Paris, France


United Nations Financing for Development Summit

Chicago Consular Corp - Chicago, Illinois


African Diplomat Reception + Dinner- Washington, D.C.

OECD Development Center Symposium- Paris, France


Cultural Celebration Reception + Dinner + Entertainment, Paris, France

172nd General Assembly, Bureau International des Expositions  - Paris, France


United Nations High-Level Political Forum 2023


75th AIPH Annual Congress, Suncheon, South Korea 

SDG Digital Day, New York, NY

United Nations General Assembly, New York, NY

United Nations 2023 SDG Summit, New York, NY

United Nations Summit of the Future 2023, New York, NY


Pre- COP 28 - Abu Dhabi, UAE

Conference of the Parties (COP28)- Dubai , UAE

EXPO 2029 International Horticulture Expo image Minnesota wfbcef P.jpg


Watch for World Expo Insights on EXPO EDU

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Accelerating the
Sustainable Development Goals

Peace, diplomacy, and international cooperation are the fundamental conditions for the world to progress on the SDGs leading up to  2030 and beyond.


These are the goals of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals initiatives and they align with the goals of the Bureau des International Expositions - the international governing body of today's World Expos. 

Are International  Expositions 
your Jam?

The World’s Fair Bid Committee Education Fund promotes international expositions – both in the US and beyond. We do this in three ways.


First, we encourage governments to be actively involved in supporting international expositions, including membership in the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE).

Second, we promote private-sector participation in expos.

Third, we support efforts to bring officially sanctioned expos and exhibitions to the U.S.A.

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