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January 31, 2022

Jim Ogul

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Competition to host specialized Expo 2027/28

Beyond Osaka, the next available slot for a BIE sanctioned international exposition is 2027/28, and there are five candidates to host. This will be for a three-month Specialized Exhibition and there are five bidders: the USA (Minnesota – “Healthy People, Healthy Planet,” May-Aug 2027), Spain (Malaga – “The Urban Era: Towards the Sustainable City,” June-Sept 2027), Serbia (Belgrade – “Play for Humanity; Sport & Music,” May-Aug 2028), Thailand (Phuket – “Living in Harmony, Sharing Prosperity,” March-June 2028) and Argentina (San Carlos de Bariloche – “Sustainable Energy – a Viable Future for Humanity,” Feb-April 2027). The BIE closed the candidature list on Jan 28, 2022 and the next phase is project examination for which each candidate submits a detailed dossier. The BIE will then organize enquiry missions to assess the feasibility and viability of each candidature project. The host country of Specialized Expo 2027/28 will then be elected by BIE’s 170 countries gathered in a General Assembly, on the principle of one country, one vote.

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